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LUPUS - Mobile Alarm Button
LUPUS - Mobile Alarm Button
LUPUS - Mobile Alarm Button
LUPUS - Mobile Alarm Button
LUPUS - Mobile Alarm Button
LUPUS - Mobile Alarm Button
LUPUS - Mobile Alarm Button
LUPUS - Mobile Alarm Button
LUPUS - Mobile Alarm Button
LUPUS - Mobile Alarm Button
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LUPUS - Mobile Alarm Button

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Mobilfunkrauchmelder über iOS, Android APP und Browser verwalten

Building wide house alarm

  • Manual fire alarm button according to DIN EN54-11 with integrated siren
  • Status monitoring in the cloud-based fire alarm control panel from LUPUS
  • Key module for building-wide siren alarm
  • Wireless networking via Telekom's Narrowband IoT network with the LUPUS Cloud (roaming enabled)
  • Real-time transmission of alarms, events and current device status
  • Designed and developed in Germany, Assembled in Taiwan

The main features of the new mobile alarm button

Automatische Fernwartung nach DIN 14676-1 C

House alarm

Enables manual triggering of a local siren alarm as well as remote triggering through the LUPUS Cloud.

Mobilfunkrauchmelder mit 10-Jähriger Batterielaufzeit

Emergency power supply

The integrated battery lasts for max. 40 hours in case of power interruption.

Einfache Verwaltung per LUPUS Cloud

Easy management via LUPUS Cloud

The mobile alarm button is connected to the LUPUS cloud via NB-IoT cellular communication.

Alarmmeldungen per App, NSL oder API-Schnittstelle

Alarm messages via app, NSL or API interface

Immediately alerted: The cloud-based smoke alarm control panel sends alerts to your smartphone, emergency service control center or IoT platform.

Mobilfunkrauchmelder unbegrenzt skalierbar, überall einsetzbar

Unlimited scalability, Usable everywhere

Unlimited number of devices and unlimited range thanks to fully decentralized end devices.

Smoke detector requirement and inspection? – No worries!

Wohnungen mit LUPUS-Mobilfunkrauchmeldern

The product

Secure your building with the highest precision and cost-efficiency using the mobile Alarm Button from LUPUS-Electronics and the LUPUS-Cloud fire alarm system. Developed according to the strict requirements of DIN EN54-11, this alarm button with integrated siren offers an indispensable element for your fire protection strategy. With seamless integration into LUPUS' innovative cloud-based system and the reliability of the German Telekom Narrowband IoT network, this alarm button is the ideal choice for protecting life and property.

Main features:

  1. High security connection: The manual fire alarm button uses Deutsche Telekom's Narrowband IoT network for outstanding connectivity. This network not only offers data roaming, but also a wealth of sub-channels that ensure exceptionally high connection security.
  2. Intelligent cloud based fire alarm control panel: Thanks to the patented LUPUS Cloud fire alarm control panel, you have control over your fire protection system from anywhere. Receive real-time notifications, monitor alarms and respond immediately to potentially dangerous situations.
  3. Fast response time: In the event of an alarm, the manual fire alarm button responds immediately. Simply breaking the integrated window and pressing the button triggers the alarm and the integrated siren with over 95 dB sound pressure warns everyone present of the danger.
  4. Multiple triggering options: The alarm can also be triggered by other detectors in the building. This seamless integration increases the effectiveness of the system and ensures extensive coverage.


  • Reliable protection: Adherence to VDE V 0826-2 guarantees that the manual fire alarm button meets the highest standards of quality and performance.
  • Instant alarming: The combination of instant alarm activation and the powerful siren ensures that potential hazards can be detected and responded to immediately.
  • Remote monitoring: Monitor the status of your fire protection system from anywhere to ensure your building is protected at all times.
  • Simple integration: The manual fire alarm button seamlessly integrates with existing LUPUS Cloud systems via "click and scan", providing a straightforward way to expand your fire protection system.

Rely on LUPUS technological innovation and the robust connectivity of the German Telekom Narrowband IoT network to effectively protect your building from fires. Invest in the LUPUS Cloud Fire Alarm System manual fire alarm button and ensure the best possible protection for life and property.

Safe and efficient smoke detector management with LUPUS IoT

Mobilfunkrauchmelder über iOS, Android APP und Browser verwalten

Smart dashboard

The LUPUS cloud allows you to administer an unlimited amount of IoT sensors like LUPUS cellular smoke detectors, motion detectors, or temperature and humidity sensors. You have access to a multi-layered, centralized administration interface with extensive user rights management, an easy sorting of the sensors via country, city, building, apartment, or utilization unit. An integrated task manager allows you to assign maintenance duties to the responsible staff.


Multi-layered administration

The LUPUS cloud features a multi-layered administration with an extensive user rights management (admin, installer, tenant) that allows you to share access to complete companies or just a single apartment with user users.

Aufgaben planen und versenden

Manage and assign tasks

The owner or administrator has the option to assign tasks to other users. In case it is necessary to replace a sensor, you can add a task and assign it to the local installer. The installer is notified via software and e-mail about the task and the exact location. After the task is completed, the administrator receives feedbac


LUPUS - Mobile Alarm Button

Technical data:

Siren volume 95dBA @ 1 meter
Dimensions 135 x 135 x 37mm (HxBxT)
5.31 x 5.31 x 1.45 inches (HxWxD)
Weight 0.250 kg
Power supply 12V DC, 60mA (Power supply not included)
Emergency power supply max. 40 hours, 7.2V, 20mA
SIM-card eSIM MMF2
NB-IoT module Quectel BG77 
Radio frequency LTE Cat. M1 / LTE Cat. NB2 / LTE Cat. NB1
NB-IoT data connection for 10 years 
Encryption LTE end-to-end + TLS 
Status transmissions to the cloud every 24 hours
Mounting location Wall, indoors
Mounting options Screwed, glued
Operating temperatures -20°C to +60°C
-4F to 140F
Humidity Maximum 95% (without condensation)
Protection class IP52
Policy compliance CE, FCC, RoHs, DIN EN54-11
Compatible with? Lupus Cloud


Mobiler Alarm Button Key
Datenblatt - Mobilfunk Alarm Button
801 KB
Datenblatt - Mobilfunk Alarm Button
Konformitätserklärung - LUPUS Mobilfunk Alarm Button
241 KB
Konformitätserklärung - LUPUS Mobilfunk Alarm Button
Handbuch - LUPUS Mobilfunk Alarm Button
1.5 MB
Handbuch - LUPUS Mobilfunk Alarm Button V1.2
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