Lots of devices, one system
LUPUS offers an all-in-one solution

LUPUSEC means being at home, on the move.
If the alarm is triggered, you will be informed immediately by your smart home alarm system. Notification of alarms can also be sent electronically to an emergency operator. And of course you can integrate video surveillance systems such as IP cameras from LUPUS and lots of other manufacturers simply into the LUPUSEC user interface. Easy! And safe – guaranteed.

  • Domestic appliances
  • Security systems
  • Irrigation system
  • Radiators
  • Light
  • Shutters

Why choose LUPUS?

Certified system

LUPUSEC XT3 is certified according to the EU standard EN50131 grade 2. As such, LUPUSEC-XT3 is state-subsidised by the KfW-Förderbank and other organisations by up to EUR 1,500.

Simple installation and operation

The practical assistant will guide you through the key steps in setting up the system. Our expert support team would be happy to help you over the phone if you have any problems.

At home, on the move

Stay informed via your smartphone, tablet or PC in real time – no matter where you are.

No cloud, no data leeches

All data remains where it belongs: at home. Communication occurs directly between your end device and the LUPUSEC XT control unit in your home, without being rerouted via a server.

Extensive range of accessories

Choose from over 70 accessories for smart home, security and video.

Current range

Smart home alarm panel controls up to 160 detectors. Includes GSM module

LUPUSEC smart home alarm systems are innovative systems for building security, video surveillance and smart home control. They effectively protect against break-ins, robbery, fire, water and gas leaks, and medical emergencies. They can also control heating, lighting, shutters and electronic devices while creating transparency via live video links to fixed cameras. The sensors and main panel are connected wirelessly, enabling the systems to be installed extremely easily without the need for any structural alterations.

Product details

LUPUSEC – Door contact
Wireless opening detector in the LUPUSEC smart home alarm system

The LUPUSEC door contact is an integral part of the alarm system and is used to secure your doors and windows. The contact consists of two parts: one is fixed to the window or door and the other to the frame. This enables the sensor to instantly detect when a door or window has been opened or closed. If it is fixed to the underside of the window, then it will still be possible to open the window in the tilt position.

Product details

LUPUSEC – Outdoor Keypad V2
Extensive control of the smart home alarm system

The LUPUSEC outdoor keypad is used to control the XT2 (Plus alarm system) and is primarily used to activate and deactivate the alarm system when entering and leaving the building. To do this, you either enter one of 50 freely selectable PIN codes or simply swipe your personal RFID chip over the keypad.

Product details

Whether you’re sitting on your sofa or a long way from home,
the LUPUS app always provides a sense of security.

At home, on the move is the principle behind the development of the app. It is available for iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded for free from the relevant app stores.
More information on the LUPUS app

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