1. The LUPUSEC app – at home, on the move.

At home, on the move is the principle behind the development of the app. It is available for iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded for free from the relevant app stores.

The LUPUSEC app means you have everything visible at a glance on the start screen: a short log of the latest events, alarm status display, activate/deactivate switch, direct access to the status of sensors, automation and cameras. Speed and functionality are the decisive factors here.

2. The LUPUSEC app is easy to install and use,

requiring about two minutes to set up the device. An installation assistant guides you through the basic configuration step by step. Sensors can be added easily with a single click.

You can put together new automation routines while you’re on the go, regulate your heating, watch live images and recordings and lots more besides. If you receive a push notification, clicking on it will take you directly to the app.

3. User interface for individual configuration.

LUPUSEC GRID is a fully customisable online interface for tablets and PCs. This innovative HTML5 web interface does not need a server and is loaded directly in the browser from the main panel. It comprises a customised selection of apps for day-to-day management. You might want to keep an overview of the alarm controls, external cameras, household appliances and lighting from a tablet in the kitchen, for example. On the first floor, the shutters and entertainment systems might be more important than the security functions. These functions can be selected as required by the user with just a couple of clicks, and profiles can be set up where these functions are to be used.

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