At home, on the move

The LUPUSEC smart home system is different from other smart homes. Not only is it compatible with other manufacturers and has the biggest range of accessories with over 70 sensors, but it’s also primarily a professional wireless alarm system with protection against sabotage and possible intrusion.

  • Security
  • Energy
  • Comfort
  • Sensors trigger burglar alarm
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  • Smoke detector registers smoke
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  • Water sensor detects water damage
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  • Save energy when leaving the house
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  • Deactivate heating when airing the home
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  • Time to head home! ... and your house prepares for your arrival.
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  • Finally time for a holiday! ... and your house looks after itself.
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  • Making getting up in the morning more pleasant.
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Current range

LUPUS – XT1 Plus
The professional smart home alarm system for anyone.

LUPUSEC smart home alarm systems are innovative systems for building security, video surveillance and smart home control. They effectively protect against break-ins, robbery, fire, water and gas leaks, and medical emergencies. They can also control heating, lighting, shutters and electronic devices while creating transparency via live video links to fixed cameras. The sensors and main panel are connected wirelessly, enabling the systems to be installed extremely easily without the need for any structural alterations.

Product details

LUPUSEC radiator valve thermostat V2
Increase the comfort of your home while lowering costs

The LUPUSEC radiator valve thermostat makes it possible to manage your heating intelligently via the LUPUSEC alarm panel. With the aid of simple time schedules, you can regulate the temperature in a room, adapting the heating to your needs.

Product details

LUPUSEC shutter relay V2
Integrate your shutters simply and easily into your smart home alarm system

Integrate your shutters simply and easily into your smart home alarm system. Whether you have blinds, shutters or awnings, you can control them easily via your mobile, tablet, PC or automatically when entering or leaving the house using the shutter relay from LUPUS Electronics. You can program different settings based on time, brightness and temperature, or they can be controlled the good old-fashioned way using the switch on the wall.

Product details

Smart home alarm panel for up to 160 sensors and featuring a GSM module

The LUPUSEC-XT2 is the perfect operating system for your home. You can automatically control your lights, shutters, and electronic devices. The simple and intelligent software allows you to easily control all functions of your home.

Product details

Why choose LUPUS smart home?

All in one

The LUPUSEC smart home alarm system combines alarm devices, smart home and video surveillance, all in one system.

Certified alarm technology

The LUPUSEC-XT3 main panel is a professional alarm system. Certified to EN-50131 Grade 2*, can be connected to security services and eligible for subsidisation by the KfW.

Extensive options for automation

LUPUSEC adjusts the heating, controls the shutters, waters the garden and regulates the lights, thus helping to reliably ensure your security.

No cloud, no data leeches

All data remains where it belongs: at home. Communication takes place via the touchscreen operating system in the main panel and does not require a server. No one but you has access, no one can read your information and no one analyses your data. Easy and secure.

Extensive range of accessories

Over 70 accessories, Amazon Echo and Philips HUE Support, and Apple Homekit are already in the offing. Ongoing development of the system with regular software updates and new functions.

Whether you’re sitting on your sofa or a long way from home,
the LUPUS app always provides a sense of security.

At home, on the move is the principle behind the development of the app. It is available for iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded for free from the relevant app stores.
More information on the LUPUS app

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