The most advanced metering platform

The LUPUS cloud platform enables efficient and centralized building management. It provides users with real-time access to critical nb-iot or oms based sensor data that helps improve operational efficiency, energy savings and cost reduction. By analyzing the collected data, energy consumption can be improved, preventive maintenance work can be planned and downtime can be minimized. It also improves security by providing immediate notifications when anomalies occur. This system not only promotes more sustainable building use, but also increases comfort for residents.

LUPUS IoT Sensor advantages

Real-time 24/7

Always online, always informed: You receive sensor alarms in real-time via push-notification, e-mail, or via an emergency control center.

Battery powered

Very low power consumption due to narrowband IoT technology. The NB-IoT network has a great building penetration while only requiring a very low power supply.

Easy management via LUPUS Cloud

Always online: Due to the integrated mobile service module and the LUPUS IoT cloud. Comes with pre-installed, soldered SIM card.

Alarm notification to your app, emergency control center, or API interface

Instant alarm notification: Sends an alarm to your smartphone, your emergency control center, or your IoT platform.

Unlimited scalability – unlimited freedom

Use as many devices as you want at any location due to the decentralized design.

The LUPUS cellular smoke detector
Don’t worry about smoke detector inspections!

The automatic remote inspection in accordance with DIN 14676-1 C reduces stress and costs to a minimum and, simultaneously, increases the security of your property.

Product details

The LUPUS cellular motion detector
Always informed

Protect even out of the way properties save and efficiently against intruders. Due to the new narrowband network of the Deutsche Telekom, this detector can even be used at locations where there is no more regular cellular reception.

Product details

The LUPUS temperature and humidity sensor
Monitor cold-storage and prevent mold

The LUPUS cellular temperature and humidity sensor takes a temperature and humidity measurement every four hours. This allows to monitor the temperature in cold-storage, receive frost warnings, and to prevent mold.

Product details

The LUPUS fire warning system
Perfect for kindergartens, schools, public authorities, or hostels

The new alternative to expensive fire alarm systems, this digital system with type C smoke detectors and manual fire alarm buttons is directly connected to a cloud system via cellular narrowband IoT.

The LUPUS Cloud software


The LUPUS cloud allows you to administer an unlimited amount of IoT sensors. You have access to a multi-layered, centralized administration interface with extensive user rights management, an easy sorting of the sensors via country, city, building, apartment, or utilization unit.

Multi-layered administration

The LUPUS cloud features a multi-layered administration with an extensive user rights management (admin, installer, tenant) that allows you to share access to complete companies to installer-users or just a single apartment to tenant-users.

Manage and assign tasks

The owner or administrator has the option to assign tasks to other users. In case it is necessary to replace a sensor, you can add a task and assign it to the local installer. The installer is notified via software and e-mail about the task and the exact location.

Graphical analyses

All sensor data received by the cloud system is processed and can be displayed graphically and in tabular form for individual time periods and compared with other periods. An export function enables the data to be exported to common file formats.


The LUPUS Cloud not only makes it possible to store tenant information for each residential unit, but also provides tenants and operators with prepared monthly consumption information, which has been transmitted by OMS gateways, for example.

Sensor Settings

Cloud sensors and sensor gateways can be viewed and re-parameterised directly in the cloud via simple settings pages.

LUPUS Cloud works with

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