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LUPUS - Wireless Repeater Pro
LUPUS - Wireless Repeater Pro
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LUPUS - Wireless Repeater Pro

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LUPUS - wireless repeater pro

Enhance the range of your sensors

The new wireless repeater pro allows you to enhance the range of your alarm panel nearly without any limit. Since the wireless repeater pro is cascadable, other wireless repeater pro can enhance its signal. Hence, you are able to secure even the most distant areas of your home with your LUPUS alarm panel and sensors.
The repeater is powered by a mains adapter and is, like the alarm panel, equipped with an emergency rechargeable battery to make sure, that your home is still protected during a blackout.

LUPUSEC XT2 Smarthome Alarmanlage
The LUPUSEC alarm system
Broad expandability - The LUPUSEC alarm system

We offer a wide variety of sensors and accessories that you can control and program in your smart home alarm system. You can integrate door contacts, IP cameras, motion detectors, mechanical and magnetic locks, shutter relays, and heating controls with just a few easy clicks to your smart home alarm panel.


LUPUS - Wireless Repeater Pro

Technical data:

Dimensions 186.3 x 130 x 30.3 mm (HxWxD)
7.34 x 5.11 x 1.19 inches (HxWxD)
Weight 0.28 kg
0.61 lbs
Radio frequency 868,6375 MHz
Radio performance max. 25mW(14dBm)
Transmission range Max. 2km outdoors without obstacles, inside buildings between 30-300 metres.
Modulation FM
Mounting options Screwing
Power supply Mains adapter DC 12V 1A
Rechargeable battery 4,8V NiMH (rechargeable)
For up to 18 hours
Place of installation Wall
Only indoors
Conforms to the following standards CE, FCC, RoHs
Limitations The wireless repeater Pro can enhance only sensors using a frequency of 868MHz.
Please check the FAQs for a complete list of the supported sensors
Compatible with XT alarm panel XT4


Wireless repeater Pro 12V 1A mains adapter
Datenblatt - LUPUS Funkrepeater Pro
1.39 MB
Datenblatt - LUPUS Funkrepeater Pro
Konformitätserklärung - LUPUS Funkrepeater Pro
40 KB
Konformitätserklärung - LUPUS Funkrepeater Pro
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last updated - 19/05/2022

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