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LUPUS - NB-IoT Outdoor Motion Detector
LUPUS - NB-IoT Outdoor Motion Detector
LUPUS - NB-IoT Outdoor Motion Detector
LUPUS - NB-IoT Outdoor Motion Detector
LUPUS - NB-IoT Outdoor Motion Detector
LUPUS - NB-IoT Outdoor Motion Detector
LUPUS - NB-IoT Outdoor Motion Detector
LUPUS - NB-IoT Outdoor Motion Detector
LUPUS - NB-IoT Outdoor Motion Detector
LUPUS - NB-IoT Outdoor Motion Detector
LUPUS - NB-IoT Outdoor Motion Detector
LUPUS - NB-IoT Outdoor Motion Detector
LUPUS - NB-IoT Outdoor Motion Detector
LUPUS - NB-IoT Outdoor Motion Detector
Item No.:14001

LUPUS - NB-IoT Outdoor Motion Detector

299,00 EUR
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Mobilfunkrauchmelder über iOS, Android APP und Browser verwalten

Efficient home protection!

  • Always online due to integrated NB-IoT SIM-card
  • NB-IoT data connection included for 10 years
  • Excellent coverage and building penetration due to narrowband network of the Deutsche Telekom
  • Data roaming enabled
  • Narrow coverage angle of 5° (comparable to a light barrier)
  • Optex technology reliably detects humans and prevents false alarms
  • Weather-proof chassis (IP55) with an optional magnetic mount and tampering detection
  • Notification in case of an alarm via the LUPUS cloud with push-notifications, e-mail, or to a emergency control center

Main features of the LUPUS NB-IoT outdoor motion detector

Automatische Fernwartung nach DIN 14676-1 C

Realtime alarms 24/7

Always online, always informed: You receive motion detection alarms in realtime via push-notification, e-mail, or via a emergency control center

LUPUS Mobilfunk Bewegungsmelder mit batteriebetrieb

Battery powered

Very low power consumption due to narrowband IoT technology. The NB-IoT network has a great building penetration while only requiring a very low power supply.

Einfache Verwaltung per LUPUS Cloud

Easy management via LUPUS Cloud

Always online: Due to the integrated mobile service module and the LUPUS IoT cloud. Comes with pre-installed, soldered SIM card.

Alarmmeldungen per App, NSL oder API-Schnittstelle

Alarm notification to your app, emergency control center, or API interface

Instant alarm notification: Sends an alarm to your smartphone, your emergency control center, or your IoT platform.

Mobilfunkrauchmelder unbegrenzt skalierbar, überall einsetzbar

Unlimited scalability – unlimited freedom

Use as many devices as you want at any location due to the decentralized design.

Always online due to narrowband IoT network of the Deutschen Telekom

Wohnungen mit LUPUS Mobilfunk Bewegungsmelder

The product

Protect even out of the way properties save and efficiently against intruders. Due to the new narrowband network of the Deutsche Telekom, this detector can even be used at locations where there is no more regular cellular reception. NB-IoT has a brilliant area coverage und building penetration. This allows the NB-IoT outdoor motion detector to inform you about motions in realtime via push-notification. With a single click in the LUPUS-cloud app, you can arm or disarm your property. You can also automatically send alarms to an emergency control center (optional, additional costs) that reacts when you have turned your smartphone off.
The outdoor motion detector works similar to a light barrier and detects warm bodies in a distance of up to 5 meters (indoors and outdoors). The narrow detection angle og 5° is also similar to a light barrier and is especially suited for passages and patios. If an intruder walks through the invisible "infrared light beam", an alarm is triggered and you are immediately notified. The used Optex technology detects humans and reduces the amount of false alarms. No matter if used in a garden, patio, or entrance – This is how you protect your property efficiently and professionally against intruders. This NB-IoT detector is battery powered, completely wireless and, therefore, very easy to install. The battery life is approx. 1.5 years and you will receive an automatic notification when the battery is running low.

A ta glance!

Mobilfunkrauchmelder im Narrowband-IoT Mobilfunknetz

The real internet of things.

Unlimited freedom and scalability: Requires no gateway, no local internet, and no local power supply.

Bewegungsmelder mit unbegrenzte Reichweite und Geräteanzahl

Unlimited scalability and coverage thanks to fully decentralized and autonomous devices.

Suitable for challenging remote locations, e.g. forest cabins or holiday homes due to the NB IoT connection of every device. Automated alarm notifications of the smartphones of the tenants.

Echtzeit Multi-Level-Verwaltung der Bewegungsmelder

Real-time multi-level administration and service in the LUPUS cloud.

Multi-layered, centralized administration with extensive user rights management, an easy sorting of the sensors via country, city, building, apartment, or utilization unit. Documentation and storage of the remote maintenance data for 10 years.

Einfache und schnelle Installation des Bewegungsmelders

Click, scan, and done!

Extremely cost-efficient and quick to install: Simply press the button at the sensor, scan the QR code with the LUPUS app, and install the smoke detector.

Secure and efficient motion detection with LUPUS IoT

Bewegungsmelder über iOS, Android APP und Browser verwalten

Smart dashboard

The LUPUS cloud allows you to administer an unlimited amount of IoT sensors like LUPUS cellular smoke detectors, motion detectors, or temperature and humidity sensors. You have access to a multi-layered, centralized administration interface with extensive user rights management, an easy sorting of the sensors via country, city, building, apartment, or utilization unit. An integrated task manager allows you to assign maintenance duties to the responsible staff.


Multi-layered administration

The LUPUS cloud features a multi-layered administration with an extensive user rights management (admin, installer, tenant) that allows you to share access to complete companies or just a single apartment with user users.

Aufgaben planen und versenden

Manage and assign tasks

The owner or administrator has the option to assign tasks to other users. In case it is necessary to replace a sensor, you can add a task and assign it to the local installer. The installer is notified via software and e-mail about the task and the exact location. After the task is completed, the administrator receives feedback.

Tech. Data

LUPUS - NB-IoT Outdoor Motion Detector

Technical data:

Horizontal coverage
Dimensions 180 x 52 x 67mm (HxBxT)
Weight 0,243 kg
Method of detection Thermal field measurement up to 5m
Sensor type PIR, passive infrared
NB-IoT Modul Quectel BG77 
Radio frequency LTE Cat. M1 / LTE Cat. NB2 / LTE Cat. NB1
NB-IoT data connection for 10 years
Encryption LTE End-to-End + TLS
Status transmissions to the cloud Every 24 hours
Battery 3V lithium battery (CR123)
Battery life Approx. 1.5 years (3 detections per day, room temperature)
Place of installation Walls, indoor and outdoor
Mounting options Screwing, gluing, or magnetic in 0.8 - 1.2m height
Working environment -20°C bis +60°C
Humidity Max. 95% (non-condensing)
Protection class IP55
Conforms to the following standards CE, FCC, RoHs
Compatible with? Lupus Cloud


NB-IoT Outdoor Motion Detector Battery
Screws and dowels Manual
Datenblatt - LUPUS Mobilfunk Bewegungsmelder
661 KB
Datenblatt - LUPUS Mobilfunk Bewegungsmelder
Konformitätserklärung - Mobilfunk Bewegungsmelder
242 KB
Konformitätserklärung - Mobilfunk Bewegungsmelder
Handbuch - LUPUS Mobilfunk Bewegungsmelder
1.62 MB
Handbuch - LUPUS Mobilfunk Bewegungsmelder
Frequently Asked Questions

Which batteries do I need?

We update this list as regular as possible. However, especially older sensors might use other batteries than the one's listed here.
Please check the batteries that are currently inserted in your sensor to make sure, that you buy the correct battery!

If your sensor has a 3V 1/2 AA battery, you can also use a 3v CR2 battery.

3V CR123

ProductItem.-No.Older versionsLatest version

Alarm sensors

Door contact (white)120023V 1/2 AA - various batteries3V CR2
PIR motion detector12003 Various batteries (3,6V AA / 3V AA / 1,5V AA)3V CR123
Smoke detector120044x 1,5V AAA
Water sensor120074x 1,5V AAA
Glass breaking sensor120113,6V 1/2 AA
PIR network camera12012Various batteries (2x3V AA / 2x1,5V AA)2x1,5V AA
Panic Button120153V CR2032
Heat detector120183x1,5V AA
CO detector120193x1,5V AA
Sensor input120203,6V 1/2 AA
Dual way motion detector120343V CR123A
Door contact (brown)120373V 1/2AA - various batteries3V CR2
Door contact (anthracite)120383V 1/2AA - various batteries3V CR2
PIR network camera V2120412x1,5V AA
Water sensor V2120473V CR123A
PIR network camera V3120732x 1,5V AA3x 3V CR123
Glass breaking sensor V2121033V CR123

Vibration sensor
121051x CR2477

Curtain motion detector
121103V CR123
360° motion detector121111x 3V CR123
Door contact V2 (white)121133V CR123
Door contact V2 (brown)121143V CR123A
Door contact V2 (anthracite)121153V CR123A
PIR motion detector V2121163V CR123
Smoke detector V2121173x1,5V AA
Emergency button121233V CR123A
PIR motion detector pro122011x 3V CR123
Outdoor motion detector pro102021x 3V CR123
Door contact pro (blanc)122031x 3V CR123

Smarthome / Home automation

Temperature sensor120133V 1/2 AA - various batteries3V CR2
Temperature sensor with display120213x1,5V AAA
Temperature sensor V2120483V 1/2 AA / 3V CR2 - various batteries3V CR123A
Temperature sensor with display V2120493x1,5V AAA
Radiator valve thermostat120532x1,5V AA
Scenario switch120612x1,5V AAA
Universal IR controller120622x1,5V AA
Light sensor120653V CR123A
Electric meter120712 x 1,5V AA
Status display121013V 123CR
Scenario switch V2121022x 3V AA
Temperature sensor with external probe12124CR123
Radiator valve thermostat V2121302x1,5V AA
Small ZigBee Temperatursensor12130CR 2032

Control unit

XT Keypad120013V 1/2 AA / 3V CR2 - various batteries1x CR 123A
Remote control120083V CR2032
Tag reader120283x 1,5V AAA
Outdoor keypad12070 2x1,5V AA
XT Keypad V212106 1x CR 123A
Tag reader V2121073x 1,5V AAA
Remote control V2121081x 3v CR2032
Outdoor keypad V212109 2x 1,5V AA
Remote control V312118 1x 3V CR 2032


Indoor siren120054x1,5V D
Outdoor siren V212033 4x1,5V D


Mobilfunk-Bewegungsmelder140011x 3V CR123
Mobilfunk Temperatur- und Feuchtigkeitssensor14002 1x 3V CR123
last updated - 09/21/2023

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  • Always online, thanks to the integrated SIM
  • Includes data connection for 10 years
  • Excellent network coverage and building penetration thanks to Deutsche Telekom's narrow-band network
  • Supports data roaming
  • Measures temperature and humidity every 4 hours as standard
  • Warns of possible mold formation
  • Alerting in the event of an alarm via LUPUS Cloud via. Push notification, email or emergency call center
Item No.:14200

LUPUS - Mobile Smoke Detector

99,00 EUR
Project and scale prices on request
On stock
  • Access at any time of the day – 24/7
  • Overview of every smoke detector at any location & any apartment
  • Quick notification in case of alarm or maintenance
  • The Narrowband IoT network of the German Telekom (roaming enabled) connects the smoke detector to the LUPUS cloud
  • Realtime transmission of alarms, events, and the current device status.
  • Designed and developed in Germany, Assembled in Europe

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