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OMS - Open Metering Standard

Introduction of Wired OMS-Based Sensors in the Housing Industry

The housing industry is witnessing a significant transformation with the introduction of wired Open Metering System (OMS)-based sensors. These innovations are not just elevating the efficiency and effectiveness of utility management within residential complexes but are also paving the way for substantial cost and CO2 savings. The integration of these sensors marks a step towards smarter, more sustainable living environments.

Cost and CO2 Savings

Wired OMS-based sensors facilitate the accurate monitoring and management of energy and water consumption in real-time. This precision not only helps in reducing wastage but also in significantly lowering utility bills. Furthermore, the reduction in energy consumption directly translates into notable CO2 savings, contributing to the global effort against climate change.

Legislative Compliance and Consumption Billing

In Germany, the introduction of these sensors is perfectly aligned with the legislative framework, notably the Heating Costs Ordinance. This ordinance mandates the regular transmission of sensor data to enable consumption billing throughout the year. Such a system ensures that residents are only billed for their actual consumption, promoting fair practices and transparency in utility billing. This approach not only encourages responsible consumption but also facilitates the early detection of leaks or anomalies, further enhancing cost efficiency.


The adoption of wired OMS-based sensors in the housing industry represents a forward-thinking approach to utility management. By offering precise monitoring capabilities, these sensors enable significant cost and CO2 savings. Moreover, their compliance with legislative requirements, such as the Heating Costs Ordinance in Germany, ensures fair and accurate billing based on actual consumption. This technological advancement is a crucial step towards creating more sustainable and efficient living spaces.

The LUPUS Cloud as a Open Metering Platform

LUPUS-Electronics has developed a solution to integrate OMS-based end devices into our cloud via Weptech's Nb-IoT gateway.

This includes the following features:

  • Easy installation - Our iOS / Android APP and a short setup wizard adds the gateway to a room, the building structure previously set up. Click-scan ready.
  • Simple setting options - All important settings can be controlled / changed via the cloud.
  • Simple data management - clear display of all OMS meters found, forwarding of parsed or unparsed data via email or FTP, whitelist, import/export
  • Simple maintenance management - clear traffic light status display (list/GoogleMaps), ticket system for easy creation of maintenance orders
  • Simple consumption data display - optionally, the meters forwarded by the gateway can also be added to the building structure.
The data is processed and displayed graphically and in tabular form. Period comparisons possible.

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