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Item No.:10816

System cable (100 meter drum)

219,00 EUR
Small quantities available

Our video system cable saves you time and money! It is a combination of two cables: One transmits the video signal, the other can be used as a power cable or as PTZ control. Hence, you only have to lay one cable. Additionally, we offer a high performance mains adapter for up to 16 cameras. In combination, you could supply all your cameras with power without any tangling. The cable has a medium resistance against oil, water, cleansers, and UV light. It is suited for temperatures between -20°C and 70°C (-4F to 158F). Since the cable is underdamped and has a high signal shielding, it is suited for length up to 300m (328 yards) without a signal amplifier. With an amplifier cable length of up to 800m (874 yards) are possible.

  • 100 Meter (109 yards) video cable and a 2 core power cable / PTZ control
  • Real double shielding: 2 lines connected in the middle
  • Shielded
  • Braided copper wires
  • High copper ratio
  • Very good attenuation
  • Cable coating: 12.6 x 6.1mm (0.49 x 0.24 inch) PVC white (black is available if orded in large quantities)
  • Inner conductor: 0.6mm (0.02 inch) CU
  • Insulation: 3.7mm (0.14 inch) PE. +/- 0,1
  • Characteristic impedance: 75 Ohm +/-3
  • Capacity (pF/m): 67
  • Velocity factor (v/c): 0,66
  • Damping at 20°C (68F) (dB 100m): 1MHz - 1.1 | 5MHz - 2.5 | 10MHz - 3.5
  • DC resistance: inner conductor: 63 outer conductor: 13
  • Minimal bending radius: 30mm (1.1 inch)
  • Weight kg/km: +/-98.5 (approx. 349 lb/mi)
  • Copper ratio kg/km: 38 (approx. 134 lb/mi)
  • Conforms to RoHS (EN 2002/95 EG regarding freedom from contaminants)
  • Made in Germany
  • Weight: ca. 10kg (approx. 22 pounds)
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Item No.:10818

BNC connector for all RG59 cables

1,19 EUR
This item will be available on Friday 03 November, 2017.
  • BNC connector for all of our RG59 video cables
  • Very robust material incl. golden pin
  • Incl. antikink
  • Incl. step by step manual
  • We strongly recommend to use our BNC crimping tool
  • BNC crimping tool for our BNC connectors
  • You need this tool to crimp the BNC connectors on the end of the RG59 wires
  • We deliver a step by step manual along with this tool
  • Connecting cable including a DC power plug (Plug 5.5x2.1x17.5 mm)
  • Fits to all our cameras (excluding cameras with radio connection)
  • Ideal in combination with our video system cables and high performance CCTV power supply
  • 2m (2.1 yards) length
  • Video surveillance from a single supplies!

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