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LUPUS - Mobile Smoke Detector

99,00 EUR
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  • Access at any time of the day – 24/7
  • Overview of every smoke detector at any location & any apartment
  • Quick notification in case of alarm or maintenance
  • The Narrowband IoT network of the German Telekom (roaming enabled) connects the smoke detector to the LUPUS cloud
  • Realtime transmission of alarms, events, and the current device status.
  • Designed and developed in Germany, Assembled in Europe
  • Manual fire alarm button according to DIN EN54-11 with integrated siren.
  • Status monitoring in the cloud-based fire alarm control panel from LUPUS
  • Key module for building-wide siren alarm
  • Wireless networking via Telekom's Narrowband IoT network with the LUPUS Cloud (roaming enabled)
  • Real-time transmission of alarms, events and current device status
  • 10 years data connection included, no time-consuming SIM activation necessary - Scan, Click, Go
  • Designed and developed in Germany, Assembled in Taiwan
  • Always online, thanks to the integrated SIM
  • Includes data connection for 10 years
  • Excellent network coverage and building penetration thanks to Deutsche Telekom's narrow-band network
  • Supports data roaming
  • Measures temperature and humidity every 4 hours as standard
  • Warns of possible mold formation
  • Alerting in the event of an alarm via LUPUS Cloud via. Push notification, email or emergency call center
  • Always online due to integrated NB-IoT SIM-card
  • NB-IoT data connection included for 10 years
  • Excellent coverage and building penetration due to narrowband network of the Deutsche Telekom
  • Data roaming enabled
  • Narrow coverage angle of 5° (comparable to a light barrier)
  • Optex technology reliably detects humans and prevents false alarms
  • Weather-proof chassis (IP55) with an optional magnetic mount and tampering detection
  • Notification in case of an alarm via the LUPUS cloud with push-notifications, e-mail, or to a emergency control center
  • The high-quality aluminium case already contains the following products:
    Mobile phone smoke detector, mobile alarm button, temperature and humidity detector
  • All 3 products are supplied already activated.
  • The case contains a compartment for brochures and accessories
  • A power supply unit for the Mobile Alarm Button is not included
  • Battery-operated gateway with 10 years of battery life
  • Collects up to 250 wireless MBus devices and sends them to the LUPUS cloud via NB-IoT
  • Plug and Play setup, configuration and maintenance via the LUPUS cloud
  • TEST PRODUCT with physical SIM, eSIM when ordering large quantities
6 Products

LUPUS-Smarthome Alarm systems

The free LUPUSEC App provides you with the option to access your LUPUSEC Smart home alarm system in its entirety by smartphone or tablet computer. Everything at one glance in a clearly arranged app. Do you want to check the alarm status while youre away? Or arm or disarm the alarm system? Or simply double-check that windows and doors are closed? No problem, one look at your smartphone is enough and you can enjoy the day. THE MOST IMPORTANT FUNCTIONS IN DETAIL: Arming, disarming, or partial arming Worldwide real-time access to any information and event Worldwide real-time access to any setting Live camera access to CCTV cameras and CCTV recorders integrated in the system View pictures of events Integrated home automation devices such as e.g. wireless sockets can be activated and deactivated. Please note that additional costs may arise if your LUPUSEC alarm system connects to the internet, depending on your mobile or internet service provider. Please note furthermore that your LUPUSEC-XT1 main panel must be connected to the internet and configured accordingly to control it externally.

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