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  • Infrarot-Shift
  • Zoom
  • Wasserdicht
  • Vandalensichere Ausführung
  • Steuerbarer Pan-Tilt-Zoom
  • Livezugriff + Alarm via Handy
  • Tag/Nacht-Funktion
  • Audio


Demo video of our LUPUSNET HD - LE 981
Our weather-proof PTZ top model. Makes surveillance possible in any surrounding.
Our outdoor IP speeddome offers you all-round protection: Its resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels guarantees pin sharp colour images. Additionally, the camera still functions with only 0.05 lux and will present you pin sharp black and white images in close darkness. Due to the intigrated IR-cut filter, external IR emitters can be connected to the LE981. Thus, even at night, you will be able to enjoy the camera's brilliant images. You can control the camera via a professional keyboard, your PC or MAC, or one of our NVRs. The rotation rate of this highspeed dome is 200° per second and it can still record images in brilliant HD quality. The 22x optical zoom allows surveillance of even the most distant areas. The intigrated ventilation and heating allow you to operate the camera in temperatures from -20°C (-4F) to 50°C (122F). In order to record videos and control the camera, we include our LUPUSNET HD software free of charge.
Moderne und intuitive IP Kamera Software
The IP camera menu

Easy to install - easy to use
The camera menu was specially developed to allow simple and intuitive usage of all the functions of this camera series. Nevertheless, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!
Moderne und intuitive IP Kamera Software
Options: motion detection

The new LUPUSNET HD motion detection
Our IP camera series has a novel motion detection function which will drastically reduce the amount of false alarms. An alarm will only be triggered if an object or person moves for a certain, adjustable amount of time in a defined area. You can adjust the sensitivity (0-10) and the amount of time (instant or 3-10 seconds) required to trigger an alarm. In the example, you see that an alarm will only be triggered if an object moves for at least three seconds and if the amplitude of the motion detection is above the set intensity (red line).

lupusnet hd lite kostenlose ip kamera software
Free of charge: 36 chanel video recording software

LUPUSNET HD Lite - free clientsoftware included!
  • Supports up to 36 LUPUSNET HD - cameras
  • FullHD dual monitor support with 1080p
  • H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG compression
  • 3 different recording options
  • Calendrical record search
  • Saves files in AVI and JPG format
  • Video- and audio-recordings
  • PTZ control, digital zoom, e-maps
  • FTP upload in order to display images on websites
  • Audio broadcast
  • Dual-streaming (max. resolution in fullscreen, reduced resolution with multiple images)

Wichtige Daten schnell finden
Search less - find more!

Find your video recordings faster
The perfect counterpart of a sophisticated hardware is a professional software. Hence, we include a software which will satisfy all your needs. The search option lists all recordings, thus, you will quickly find any file needed. Additionally, if a motion is registered, the software can protect you from intruders by sending you an email and triggering an external alarm.
Alle IP Kameras einfach bedienen
Easy to use

Adjustment of the motion detection - easy and intuitive
You can reduce false alarms to a minumum due to the precise adjustment of the motion detection. With dual-monitor support, you can check all your cameras at once (max. 36 cameras per monitor). The supported widescreen resolutions of maximal 1920x1080 pixels, allow you to use your modern large-format screen to monitor all your IP cameras.
Zugriff per APP möglich
iPhone + Android APP

Free of charge: iPhone and Android APP

Our free iPhone and Android APP allows you to view the live stream of your cameras, to watch and download the recordings from the sd card, and to start an audio transmission.
The APP is compatible with all LUPUSNET cameras (except the LE 200) and all LUPUSNET recorders, as well as, the LE 904 and 909.

You can download the free APP in the following stores:

Zugriff per APP möglich

Zugriff per APP möglich

Tech. Data



Flash 16MB
Image sensor 1/3" 1.3M Panasonic CMOS sensor
Sensitivity 0.05 lux @F1.6(B/W), 0.5 lux(colour) electronic shutter
Lens f=4.7~103.4mm, 22x optical zoom
Pan + Tilt angle Pan:0°~320° / Tilt:0°~90° auto flip - manual Pan:0.45°~90°/s / Tilt:0.35°~45°/s
ICR IR cut filter
Preset speed 200°/sec
Preset save positions 128, 0.15° accuracy
Guard tours 8 groups
Day & night mode Auto / colour / B/W with auto ICR, SensUp 0 - 256X
I/O 2 D.I (High 4.2V 16mA) / 1 D.O (High 4.8V 16mA)
Audio G.711(64K) and G.726(32K,24K) audio compression
Input : 3.5mm jack
Output: 3.5mm jack, supports 2-way.
Power over Ethernet (POE) Yes
Power consumption AC 24V : 11.52W
PoE : IEEE 802.3at, 12W
Working environment -20°C ~ +50°C (-4F to 122F)
Dimensions 219(D)x264.7(H) (8.6 inch (D) x 10.4 inch (H))


Network protocol HTTP, TCP/ IP, UDP, SMTP, FTP, RTSP, PPPoE, DHCP, DDNS, NTP, UPnP, 3GPP, SAMBA (NAS Storage)
Ethernet connection Yes, 10/100 Base-T
Encryption Optional (depends on the model)


Resolution 1280x800 @ 30fps, 1280x720, 640x480, 320x240, 176x144
Video options Brightness, contrast, sharpness, BLC, night mode
Triple streaming Yes
Screenshots Yes
Full-screen image Yes
Privacy Mask Yes, in 6 seperate areas
Video format H.264/ M-JPEG/ MPEG4 (3GPP only)
Bitrate control mode CBR, VBR
Motion detection Yes
Action at motion detection E-mail, FTP, save to SD card, toggle digital out
Pre and postalarm Yes, adjustable
Multiple user access Yes, up to 10 users at once
Audio Yes, 2-way audio communication is possible
Trigger for recording Motion detection, network IP check, network disconnection, scheduled, digital input
Video format AVI, JPEG
View recordings Yes
Delete files from SD-Card Yes

System requirements

Operating System Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Windows 7, Microsoft IE 6.0 or later
Recomended hardware Intel Dual Core 1.66G, RAM: 1024MB, grafic board: 128MB
Required hardware Intel-C 2,8G, RAM:512MB, grafic board: 64MB


LUPUSNET HD Network camera LE981 Software LUPUSNET HD Lite
Mount included Manual Quick User Manual for the camera, manual for the software and camera on CD
Mains adapter 12V  
Datenblatt - LUPUSNET HD LE981
1.5 MB
Datenblatt - LUPUSNET HD LE981
Lupusnet HD Software User manual
3.15 MB
Lupusnet HD Software User manual
Firmware - LUPUSNET HD (D) FW Ältere Version
6.48 MB
LUPUSNET HD - (D) Firmware Version 1.0.19 für 1.3MP Version
Firmware - LUPUSNET HD (C) FW für LE981
7.75 MB
LUPUSNET HD - (C) Firmware für LE 2MP Version
Software - Lupus IP Finder für Windows
1.91 MB
IP Kamera Installer zum Suchen, Einrichten und Updaten der Lupusnet HD Kameras, Rekorder + LUPUSEC Alarmzentralen Version 1.0.8
Software - Lupus IP Finder für Mac OS
141 KB
IP Kamera Installer zum Suchen und Einrichten der Lupusnet HD Kameras, Rekorder + LUPUSEC Alarmzentralen Version 1.2
Software - LUPUSNET HD SD Downloader
399 KB
Mit dem LUPUSNETHD SD Downloader können Sie manuell oder automatisiert Ihre SD-Kartendaten von unseren LUPUSNET HD-Kameras (ausgenommen der LE200) herunterladen, ohne auf die Kameras einzeln zugreifen zu müssen. So lässt sich eine beliebige Video-Aufnahme (nicht einzelne Bilder) einfach und schnell finden und downloaden.
Software - LUPUSNET HD DatPlayer
4.72 MB
Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to do to get remote access to my Lupus device?

How can I access my router?

In order to gain access to your devices via the internet, you have to set up a port forwarding in your router. In case you do not know the IP address of your router, you can find in the following way:

Windows PCMAC
  • Start the command interface
    Type in "cmd" in the start menu (without quotation marks)
  • Type in “ipconfig”
  • Standardgateway is the IP address of your router
  • Open the system settings
  • Click on network
  • Select your current network connection (Ethernet or WLAN)
  • The tab TCP/IP lists the IP address of your router
  • How do I set up a port forwarding in my router?

    A1 Hybrid BoxAllnet RouterArcor RouterAsus Router
    Belkin RouterCISCO EPC3928D-Link RouterD-Link HorstBox
    Fritz!BoxFritz!Box (ab Firmware 8.63)Hitron RouterHitron Router (neuere Firmware)
    Horizon BoxLINKSYS RouterO2 BoxSpeedport (W 502V, W 722V)
    Speedport (W 912V)Speedport SmartTelekom Digitalisierungsbox
    (offizielles Anleitungsvideo)
    TP-Link Router
    unitymedia - Kabel BWUPC Connect BoxUPC RouterVodafone EasyBox
    Vodafone EasyBox 904ZyXEL Speedlink 6501
    *Currently, there are only German manual available

    How do I access my device?

    After you have created a port forwarding as described in the manuals above, you can access your device by typing in the following address in your web browser:

    The real command would look similar to the following:

    Which port do I need to forward in my router?

    In the following table, the internal ports of our devices are listed:

    DeviceInternal port
    XT1 / XT280
    XT2 Plus443 (SSL encrypted - recommended) or 80 (not encrypted)
    LE 9xx cameras80
    LE 20080 (older firmware versions 88)
    LE 201 / LE 203TCP 80, TCP 37777, TCP 1935, and UDP 37778 (see FAQ LUPUSTEC → General → "Required port forwarding for an access via internet")
    Recorder HDTV / NVR / HD-SDITCP 80 and TCP 37777 and UDP 37778 (see FAQ LUPUSTEC → General → "Required port forwarding for an access via internet")

    Change the standard password of any device you allows to be accessed from the internet!

    last updated - 04/05/2018

    How do I activate the Lupus ddns service in my Fritz!Box?

    In the settings of you Fritz!Box, you need to open the menu "Internet" → Permit Access" → "Dynamic DNS" and insert the following information:

    As "Dynamic DNS Provider" please select "Custom."

    Update-URL (do not change the following command):<domain>

    Please insert your lupus ddns name – e.g.

    Please insert the user name of your Lupus ddns account

    Please insert the password of your Lupus ddns account

    last updated - 04/05/2017

    Which App can I use?

    DeviceAndroidiOSWindows Phone
    XT1 / XT1 Plus / XT2 (Plus) / XT3LUPUSECLUPUSECAccess possible via webbrowser
    Network cameras (LE9xx)LUPUSECLUPUSNET HDIP CENTCOM / Ip Cam Soft Pro / Webcam PI
    Older IP recorder (LE 904 / 909)LUPUSNET HDLUPUSNET HD-
    Older analogue recorder (LE800 / + / D1)SoCatchSoCatchiWatch DVR

    Please note that we are not liable for any problems that might occur while using Apps that were note developed by us.

    last updated - 02/20/2018

    How can I connect my IP camera with my XT alarm panel?

    You can integrate the live stream of your IP camera into the XT alarm panel with the following command:
    • username - Username of the camera
    • password - Password of the camera
    • - please insert your DDNS address or the local IP address of the camera here
      • Please note: if you choose the local IP address, the live stream can only be displayed while you are connected with your local network.
    • 1000 - please insert the external port you selected for the port forwarding of the camera in your router (only access via DDNS) or the local port of the camera (only local access).

    Please note: Streaming 2 needs to be activated in the video settings of the camera.

    Please note: the live stream cannot be displayed in Internet Explorer.

    Please note: The LUPUSNET HD - LE200 requires a different command:


    You can integrate any IP camera that has an MJPEG stream. Please contact the manufacturer of your camera to ask for the required command to access this stream.

    last updated - 11/14/2017

    Why do I no longer get a live stream in my browser / Why is it no longer possible to install the plugin?

    Firefox has discontinued the activeX plugin support in the latest Firefox Version (52). Hence, it is not possible anymore to activate this plugin

    Currently, new solution for a reliable video stream are developed. However, this is still an ongoing process.

    There a various shout-term solutions until an alternative for the plugin are available:

    Please use only the 32-bit versions of these browsers!

    last updated - 07/03/2017

    LE 966, 967, 968, 969, 971, 981, 982 - How do I restore the factory default of my IP camera?

    In order to completely reset (factory default) your IP camera, please use the following instructions:

    • Disconnect the camera from its power source and from the ethernet cable
    • Press an hold the reset button in the camera
    • Connect the camera again to a power source
    • Hold the reset button for about one minute while the camera is connected to a power source
    • After one minute, you can disconnect the camera again from its power source and stop to hold the reset button
    • After you have connected the camera again with your network, the camera will have the static IP address
    last updated - 03/22/2017

    Why can't I see the live stream of the camera / why does the camera plugin not work (64 bit browser)?

    In case you do not see the live stream of the camera after you have installed the plugin and restarted the browser (open the browser with right click → execute as administrator), you should check if you use a 32 bit or 64 bit browser. Currently, the camera plugin is only optimised for 32 bit browsers and cannot be run by a 64 bit browser.

    In case you use a 64 bit browser, you need to install a 32 bit browser.

    last updated - 04/04/2017

    The live stream is not displayed in the Internet Explorer.

    If you are not asked to install the plugin, please restart the Internet Explorer with administrator rights (right click the Internet Explorer icon and select "run as administrator") and allow the installation of the plugin.

    If you still do not get an image, select compatibility view settings in the options of the Internet Explorer (gearwheel in the upper right corner - just below the red X) and add the IP address of the recorder or camera to the list.

    last updated - 03/22/2017

    Why am I not receiving an image of my network camera with Windows 10?

    Please use the Internet Explorer instead of the Edge browser.

    last updated - 03/22/2017

    Why is my IP camera not displayed in the Firefox browser?

    In order to display the image in Firefox, please follow these instructions:

    Click on the writing Please click here to download the installation programm which does not support IE browser. After finish downloading, disable the browser and implement the program by manual which is displayed at the top of the screen

      Save the file WebPlugin.exe
      Run WebPlugin.exe.

    If you still do not receive an image, please do the following:

      Enter about:config in Firefox and acknowledge the notification
      Type in load_appdir_plugins and set the value from false to true
      Check if you now receive an image of your IP camera.
    last updated - 03/22/2017

    How much storage space do I need?

    Please note that these are estimated record times for a continuous recording. However, the record time of a continuous recording is influenced by the amount of movement in the image - the more movement there is, the more storage space is required.

    Thus, these times can only serve as an indication of the storage space you might require.

    The record time is estimated for one camera with 25 frames per second.

    ResolutionStorage spaceEstimated record time
    720p32Gb21 hours
    1080p32Gb9 hours
    720p1Tb28 days
    1080p1Tb12 days
    last updated - 04/04/2017

    How do I access an IPv6-address with my webbrowser?

    You need to enclose the IPv6-address in square brackets [ ]:


      Example: http://[fe80::20f:dff:fe24:f002]/
    last updated - 03/21/2017

    Was für Mikrofone nutzen die Kameras aus der LUPUSNET Serie?

    Man benötigt ein Computermikrofon mit entweder einem 3.5 mm Klinke oder Cinch Anschluß (je nach Kameratype) mit folgenden Werten: Impedanz von 2.2K Ohm, Eingangspegel 1 Vrms, Aktives Mikrofon mit eingebautem Verstärker, Frequenzbereich 20 ~ 100,00Hz.

    last updated - 03/22/2017

    The installation of LUPUSNET HD / SD-Downloader crashes (Windows XP).

    Please install "Microsoft .NET Framework 4" first.

    last updated - 03/22/2017

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