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ANIO Care+
ANIO Care+
ANIO Care+
ANIO Care+
ANIO Care+
ANIO Care+
ANIO Care+
ANIO Care+
ANIO Care+
ANIO Care+
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ANIO Care+

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Anio Care+

Stay connected to your family

The Anio Care+ smartwatch for seniors helps you and your family to have a more secure and connected life. Our senior smartwatch is a complete mobile phone for your wrist that was solely designed for the needs of senior citizens. You can activate and deactivate the various functions and, thus, adjust the Anio Care+ to your and the wearers individual needs. In contrast to common home emergency service or call systems, the Anio Care+ also works outside of the house due to the SIM card. Additionally, there are no additionally charges except for the SIM-card.

The most important features of the care+


You can save up to three SOS numbers that are called, one after the other, and receive an SMS with the last GPS location via SMS upon pressing the SOS button.

Localisation & secure areas

The localisation of the watch is extremely accurate thanks to GPS and WLAN technologies. You receive a PUSH notification when the wearer enters or leaves a pre-defined geofenced area.

112 EU emergency call

Hotkey to call 112, the emergency number that is valid in the complete EU. This function can be activated or deactivated and replaces a emergency button.

Phone book

You can activate an advanced phone book in the app. This allows you to save up to 10 numbers that you can call with the watch. These numbers can also be used to call the watch.

Advantages compared to common home emergency systems

In comparison the common home emergency systems, the Anio care+ smartwatch is not limited to the home, but functions at any location that has cell reception. Since you wear the watch during the day, you can always call for help if anything happens (e.g. in case of a fall). in contrast to the common home emergency systems, there are no monthly fees or other costs (except for the mobile connection of the SIM card). The Anio care+ does not call any private call-centre, you directly call your three defined SOS contact numbers. Additionally, you can activate a shortcut to directly call the 112 EU emergency number.

Elegant design

The Anio care+ has a modern, minimalist design and is not discernible as a family emergency system for outsiders. Due to the weight of only 32g and dimensions of 44mm x 37.8mm x 12.8mm, the watch can be worn comfortably. For anybody who prefers a smaller wristband, we also offer an additional leather wristband in our accessories shop.

Time visible at a glance

The time is displayed extra big to ensure optimal readability. Additional watchfaces for the Anio care+ can be selected, e.g. to display the date, weekday, or the current weather.


You can activate an optional pedometer (step counter). Then, the watch displays how many steps you have taken and motivates you to move enough.

Concert mode

For all situations, in which a loud ringing of the watch is not wanted, you can easily set the watch to vibration mode. This ensures that you are not disturbed during any social events.

Anio data security protects you and your data

In contrast to most other manufacturers, we developed our app "Anio Watch", as well as our server infrastructure in Germany. All servers are also located in Germany. For that reason, you can be sure that all personal data is stored and handled according to the GDPR as required in Germany and the European Union. You can find additional information in the data protection regulations in the "Anio Watch" app (Apple AppStore, Google Play Store).

ANIO Care+

Main functions

The Anio Care+ smartwatch for seniors helps your family live life more safely together. Our senior smartwatch is a fully-fledged mobile phone for the wrist, specially developed for the needs of older people, as it can be activated and deactivated through the It can be perfectly adapted to the needs of the wearer by activating and deactivating many functions. In contrast to the usual home emergency calls, the senior smartwatch does not only work at home, but everywhere thanks to the inserted SIM card. In addition, no further charges are levied apart from the necessary mobile phone charges.

Technical data

Case colour Black
Case size without strap 44 x 37.8 x 12.8mm
Weight 32g with bracelet
SIM card size Nano (SIM card not included, SIM card for customers from DE and AT)
Location technology GPS (outdoors), AGPS, WLAN (indoors; the watch only uses WLAN for positioning via Google API and does not go online via it)
Battery 400mAh, Li-Po Battery
Standby time 1-3 days (depending on the set locating interval)
Charging option Magnetic via 4 pin USB charging cable
Power supply HighCell 5V / 1000mA
Protection class IP67 weatherproof (but not suitable for swimming or bathing)
Supported languages (clock) 13 languages (German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Turkish, Arabic)
APP Anio Watch for Android (from version 5.0) and iOS (from version 10)

Subject to changes in the sense of technical progress and errors excepted.

Datenblatt - Anio Care+
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Datenblatt - Anio Care+
Handbuch - Anio Care
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Anio5 Benutzerhandbuch Version 1.0
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