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LUPUSEC - XT1 Plus Starter Kit

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A secure home for anyone.

Alarmsystem von ueberall steuern
Access anytime, anywhere!
LUPUS XT1 Plus. The professional smart home alarm system for anyone.
The new LUPUS XT1 Plus offers professional protection and features the most extensive smart home equipment, as well as, video surveillance solutions. The XT1 Plus allows you to connect up to 80 alarm sensors and smart home elements. The door contacts and motion detectors allow you to secure your home around the clock. Via the smartphone app you are informed immediately if someone enters or leaves your home. Optionally, you can connect the XT1 Plus to a security centre to gain a 24/7 protection. Thus, you and your home are protected and you can are save even if your smartphone’s battery fails.

Youtube Video: First steps

Protects you as well as your home.

The XT1 Plus does not only protect against burglars, but is a holistic alarm system. The system can be equipped with sensors that protect against smoke, fire, temperatures, carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO²), water, robberies and medical emergencies. Thus, you and your home can cope with any threads, since you are immediately be informed. Hence, you can counteract a beginning fire and escape from deadly gasses in time.

lupusec android app
Free of charge iOS and Android APP.
Be always connected to your home – that is the XT1

The XT1 Plus does not only help you to protect your property, it is also practical, since you can control your complete home. The last one who leaves turns of the lights? No problem due to the automatic light control of the XT1 Plus. You can connect your connectable lights from Philips Hue, Osram Lightify, or Ikea with just a single click and create automatic processes: e.g. to switch off all your lights when you leave your home. Of course, you can also expand this by closing your shutters and reducing the temperature of your radiators simultaneously.

The XT1 Plus meets the highest demands in terms of data security. Every connection to the XT1 Plus uses a 256bit TLS 1.2 encryption. The alarm panel, as well as, every sensor is protected against internal or external tampering.

Complete protection and still easy to use and easy to install.


Tech. Data

LUPUSEC - XT1 Plus Starter Kit

Technical Data (XT1 Plus):

Dimensions 200x165x30mm (WxHxD)
7.87 x 6.49 x 1.18 inches (WxHxD)
Weight 0.51 kg
1.12 lbs
Max. amount of sensors 80 (2 areas with 40 sensors)
Max. amount of devices (wireless relay, repeater) No limitation (only 10 wireless repeater V1 12016)
Max. amount of PIR network cameras 6
Max. amount of IP cameras 4
Tampering protection Yes
Tampering protection of the sensors displayed in the web interface Yes
Status display Yes
Battery status of the sensors displayed in the web interface Yes
Internal storage of images Yes, saves up to three images of a PIR network camera
FTP / E-mail image upload Yes
Alarm methods Contact-ID via TCP/IP (SIA DC09), E-Mail, SMS, Push Notification
Radio frequency 868,6625 MHz (Dual Way) and 2.4GHz (Dual Way)
ZigBee protocol ZBS v2.
Access via PC (Webbrowser), MAC (Webbrowser), Android / Apple smartphones and tablets (LUPUSEC App)
Encryption SSL / TLS 1.2 SHA-256bit with RSA encryption
Radio performance max. 10mW
Transmission range Approx. 30 to 100m (32 to 109 yards) depending on the local conditions, expandable via repeater
Modulation FM
Mounting options Wall
Power supply 1100 mAh Ni-mh rechargeable battery, 9V DC mains adapter
Operating temperatures -10 to +45°C
14F to 113F)
Max. Humidity Up to 90% (non condensing)
Conforms to the following standards CE, FCC, RoHs
Options Arm, disarm, home mode (1-3), silent alarm, fire alarm, CO alarm, medical emergency alarm, check panel status
Available accessories Currently, we offer more than 30 accessories for various alarm and smart home scenarios. IF you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.
Languages (Webbrowser - not App) German, French, English, Spanish, Italian
Internal siren Yes, 99dB
Remote access via PC (Webbrowser), MacOS (Webbrowser), iPhone (LUPUSEC App), Android (LUPUSEC App)
Policy compliance EN50131 - 1


1 x XT1 Plus alarm panel with accessories 1 x PIR motion detector V2
1 x door contact V2 1 x manual
1 x wall mount 1 x 9V DC mains adapter
Datenblatt - LUPUSEC XT1 Plus
1.18 MB
Datenblatt - LUPUSEC XT1 Plus
Konformitätserklärung - XT1 Plus Starter Pack
262 KB
Konformitätserklärung - XT1 Plus Starter Pack
Aktuelles Handbuch - LUPUSEC XT1 Plus
11.76 MB
XT1 Plus Benutzerhandbuch Version 1.0
Software - Lupus IP Finder für Windows
1.91 MB
IP Kamera Installer zum Suchen, Einrichten und Updaten der Lupusnet HD Kameras, Rekorder + LUPUSEC Alarmzentralen Version 1.0.8
Software - Lupus IP Finder für Mac OS
141 KB
IP Kamera Installer zum Suchen und Einrichten der Lupusnet HD Kameras, Rekorder + LUPUSEC Alarmzentralen Version 1.2
Firmware - LUPUSEC XT1 PLUS Neuste Version
6.09 MB
LUPUSEC - XT1 PLUS Firmware XT1Plus v0.0.2.19E (Multilanguage). Please always delete your browsers cache after installation.
Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to display the MJPEG stream of the HDTV recorder in the alarm panel?

Yes, please use the following syntax:


Example with a standardised IP address, username and passwort:


Please note that this requires the latest firmware of the recorder and that your need to set the compression of the extra stream in the recorder to MJPEG.

last updated - 01/17/2018

Why does Safari not accept the SSL certificate?

Damit das Zertifikat der XT korrekt von Ihrem Safari Browser akzeptiert wird, gehen Sie, nach der ersten Bestätigung des Zertifikats, bitte folgendermaßen vor:

  • Gehen Sie zu den gespeicherten Zertifikaten in Ihrem Schlüsselbund
  • Gehen Sie zu "Vertrauen"
  • Wählen Sie "Bei Verwendung dieses Zertifikats" → "Immer vertrauen" aus
last updated - 01/30/2018

Which sensor is compatible with my XT alarm panel?

XT sensor compatibility

ProductItem No.XT1XT2XT1 Plus
XT2 Plus
XT2 with Dongle

Alarm sensors

Door contact (white)12002++++
PIR motion detector12003++++
Smoke detector12004++++
Water sensor12007++++
Medical emergency controller12009++++
Glass breaking sensor12011++++
PIR network camera12012++--
Panic button12015++++
Heat detector12018++++
CO detector12019++++
Sensor input12020++++
Dual way motion detector12034++++
Door contact (brown)12037++++
Door contact (anthracite)12038++++
PIR network camera V212041--++
Water sensor V212047--++
Glass breaking sensor V212103-+++
Vibration sensor12105-+++
360° motion detector12111++++
Door contact V2 (white)12113++++
Door contact V2 (brown)12114++++
PIR motion detector V212116++++

Smarthome / Home automation

Wireless power supply device12010+---
Temperature sensor12013++--
Wireless relay12014++++
Wireless repeater12016++++
Temperature sensor with display12021-+--
Wireless power supply device with power meter12022++--
Relay with power meter12023++--
Lockswitch contact12026++++
Relay with dimmer V212030--++
Shutter relay12031--++
Magnetic lock12035++++
Mechanical lock12036++++
Light switch12046--++
Temperature sensor V212048--++
Temperature sensor with display V212049--++
Remote controlled mains socket with power meter and Zigbee repeater12050--++
Relay with power meter V212051--++
12/24V relay12052--++
Radiator valve thermostat12053--++
Scenario switch12061--++
Universal IR controller12062--++
Top-Hot relay DIN212063--++
Top-Hat relay DIN312064--++
Light sensor12065--++
Electric meter12071--++
Light switch V212072--++
Status display12101--++
Scenario switch V212102--++
Wireless power device for XT112104+---
Wireless repeater V212122++++

Control unit

XT Keypad12001++++
Remote control12008++++
Tag reader12028++++
Outdoor Keypad12070+/-(please note FAQ)+++
Keypad V212106-+++
Tag Reader V212107-+++
Remote control V212108-+++
Outdoor Keypad V212109-+++


Indoor siren12005++++
Mini indoor siren (eol)12032 (eol)-+--
Small indoor siren12032--++
Outdoor siren V212033+/-(please note FAQ)+++
last updated - 02/19/2018

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  • Works only with: XT1, XT1 Plus, XT2, XT2 Plus, XT3
  • Color: 8011 brown = Pantone Solid Coated 476 C
  • High quality magnetic sensor
  • Small chassis
  • Tampering protection
  • Wireless
  • Status transmission
  • Dependably sends any status change to the XT alarm panel
  • Battery life: approx. 5 years
  • In case of an alarm, your alarm panel will notify you via SMS, (phone call), E-mail, or contact ID
  • Works only with: XT1, XT1 Plus, XT2, XT2 Plus, XT3
  • High quality magnetic sensor
  • Small chassis
  • Tampering protection
  • Wireless
  • Status transmission
  • Dependably sends any status change to the XT alarm panel
  • Battery life: approx. 5 years
  • In case of an alarm, your alarm panel will notify you via SMS, (phone call), E-mail, or contact ID
  • Works only with: XT1, XT1 Plus, XT2, XT2 Plus, XT3
  • Dependably reports all movements of objects
  • Wireless
  • Small chassis
  • Tampering protection
  • Status transmission
  • In case of an alarm, your alarm panel will notify you via SMS, (phone call), E-mail, or contact ID
  • Small 1.3 megapixels IP camera with a maximal resolution of 1280x960 pixels
    720p (1280x720 pixels) with 25FPS
  • IR night-vision up to 10 meters (11 yards)
  • Controllable camera
    Pan- and tiltable via Browser / App
  • WLAN
  • Supports SD cards up to 128Gb
  • Wall and ceiling installation possible

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