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LUPUS - XT4 Main Panel
LUPUS - XT4 Main Panel
LUPUS - XT4 Main Panel
LUPUS - XT4 Main Panel
LUPUS - XT4 Main Panel
LUPUS - XT4 Main Panel
Item No.:12200

LUPUS - XT4 Main Panel

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LUPUS-XT4. The new smart home alarm panel by LUPUS-Electronics.

Das Betriebssystem für Ihr Zuhause

The new LUPUSEC-XT4 is an innovative burglar alarm, smart home, and video surveillance system that is reliable, easy to use, and extremely versatile. You do not need any constructional alterations to protect your building against intruders or other risks. The alarm panel can control your heating, lights, shutters, and other electronic devices. Additionally, you can integrate your cameras, view their live stream, and, thus, immediately discover the source of an alarm.

Förderbar durch die KfW
LUPUS-XT4 is a professional and secure alarm system.

LUPUS-XT4 protects your building professionally. You can connect up to 480 alarm sensors via the proprietary radio band of 868MHz. Alarm sensors against burglars, robberies, fire, water, gas, and medical emergencies are available. In case of an alarm you will immediately by alarmed via push-notifications, e-mail, SMS, a telephone call, and additionally you can connect a 24/7 guard service. For the transmission of these alarms, the XT4 uses two redundant methods: Via your network and via the integrated GSM module

Of course, you can also integrate video surveillance systems by LUPUS, as well as, 99% of available IP cameras on the market into the user interface of your LUPUS-XT4.

Professional and secure! Hence, the LUPUS-XT4 is conform according to the European quality norm of EN50131 grade 2.

Die XT4 ist ein umfangreiches Smart Home System
The operating system for your building
LUPUSEC-XT4 is an extensive smart home system.

The LUPUSEC-XT4 is the perfect control unit for your building. You can control your heating, lights, shutters, and other electronics devices. Due to the simple and intelligent software, you can connect all functions with each other and, thus, you can adjust them to your individual routines and schedules: e.g. you can create power and temperature events that are triggered when you leave your home, or power and light events according to a fixed time or depending on the sunrise and sunset. Thus, it is quite simple to create a holistic presence simulation, as well as, power saving routines with just a few clicks. All of our smart home actors are connected wirelessly via ZigBee Plus with the alarm panel, thus, they are separated from the radio band of the alarm sensors.

LUPUSEC XT2 Smarthome Alarmanlage
The operating system for your building
LUPUSEC-XT4 is a secure system with the highest standard for your privacy.

No cloud, no server, no data leech! No data that is stored on the XT4 is ever send to any server. Thus, you data is secure and neither collected nor analysed. The connection of a smartphone, tablet, or computer is always a direct connection between this device and your alarm panel. For the connection with these devices, the XT4 uses a secure end-to-end 256-bit TLS encryption. Hence, you are completely independent from any servers. Even if your internet connection fails or is compromised, the XT4 features a second, redundant alarm routine via the GSM/LTE module.

The available control units (keypad, tag reader, remote control) use a rolling code encryption, which protects the XT4 against attacks. Additionally, the sensors, the alarm panel, and the wireless connections are protected against tampering.

In case of a blackout, the LUPUSEC XT4 is equipped with an emergency power supply via a lithium rechargeable battery for 16 hours.

Der LUPUSEC  24 Alarmservice
The LUPUSEC 24 alarm service
LUPUSEC-XT4 offers an innovative service.

The LUPUSEC alarm service can be subscribed directly in the browser interface of the LUPUSEC XT4 and connects your alarm panel with a professional guard service that is working 24/7. The LUPUSEC 24 guard service also reacts when you are not able to.

Two different options of the LUPUSEC 24 guard service are available: the standard option costs EUR 19,90/month with includes status monitoring, burglar protection, fire protection, robbery protection, interference monitoring, LUPUSEC action plan, emergency monitoring (gas, water, medical), report logging, automatical alarm verification via telephone (five numbers). The premium option costs EUR 39,90/month and includes all services of the standard option, as well as, tampering monitoring, monitoring of opening and closing times for businesses, and private emergency response personal in case of an alarm.

The LUPUSEC 24 guard service is only available in Germany - other guard services can be connected via Contact IF over IP.

Installation wizard and one-click integration of sensors.

LUPUS-XT4 is easy to install and to use.

The installation wizard and the quick guide allow you to easily set up your XT4 alarm panel. You will be guided step by step to all the initial processes.

Due to the one-click technology, the integration of sensors is very simple and allows you to connect new sensors at any time to your alarm panel: You just need to open the menu "Sensors" → "Add" and start the connection mode of the alarm panel. Every sensor features a well visible button on its front. Pressing this button is enough that the sensor is displayed in the menu of the alarm panel and can be added by clicking on "add."

LUPUSEC GRID — The 100% individual user interface.

The LUPUSEC GRID is your completely individual user interface. This innovative HTML5 interface requires no server connection and is loaded directly from the alarm panel into your browser. The GRID consists of apps that you can adjust perfectly to your needs. For example, on a tablet in your kitchen, you could display the alarm control, outdoor cameras, electronics household aids and the light. On the first floor, you might prefer the shutter control and your entertainment system to the alarm control. These functions can be set up with a few clicks and sorted into different profiles according to the place at which they should be displayed.

Die LUPUSEC Android und iPhone APP
Free of charge: iOS and Android APP.
Die LUPUS App — Control your home while on the road.

The concept of our app is to allow you to control your home while you are on the road. The app is available for iOS and android devices and can be downloaded in the corresponding store. You will need about 2 minutes to enter the login information. On the home screen of the app, all important information are displayed: a brief log file with the current events, the alarm status, the option to switch between arm, disarm and home mode, direct access to the sensor status, home automation, and cameras. The app, just like the browser interface, allows you to easily connect new sensors, to create new automation rules, to control your heating, etc. By clicking on a push-notification (e.g. in case of an alarm) the app is immediately opened.

Das LUPUS Produktuniversum

There are more than 60 accessories available for the LUPUS XT4. This includes 16 alarm sensors, 24 smart home products, 6 control units, 4 sirens, two service products, more than 25 camera models, and a wide selection of camera accessories.


* The value given here was measured under laboratory conditions and can vary considerably under real conditions in the building.

Tech. Data

LUPUS - XT4 Main Panel

Technical data:

Dimensions 220 x 180 x 45mm (WxHxD)
8.66 x 7.08 x 1.77 inches (WxHxD)
Weight 0.810 kg
1.75 lbs
Max. amount of sensors 480 (2 areas with 240 sensors)
Max. 40 ZigBee devices - a ZigBee repeater allows you to add more devices per used repeater
Max. amount of devices (wireless relay, repeater) No limitation (only 10 wireless repeater V1 #12016)
Max. amount of PIN codes 100 (50 per area)
Limitations of PIN codes Arm / Disarm / Report / valid from / valid to
Notification if wrong PIN code is used Yes, via push notification, E-mail, SMS
Max. amount of receivers 20(telefone call, SMS), 5 (E-Mail), 20 (Contact ID)
Max. amount of PIR network cameras 6
Max. amout of cameras 8 (e.g. LUPUSNET HD series or LUPUSTEC - recorder)
Tampering protection of the alarm panel Yes, against opening or removing
Tampering of sensors displayed in the interface of the alarm panel Yes
Status of the sensors displayed in the interface of the alarm panel Yes
Battery status of the sensors displayed in the interface of the alarm panel Yes
Internal storage of snapshots Yes, saves three images in case of an alarm of a PIR network camera or a LUPUSNET HD 9xx camera
FTP / E-Mail snapshot upload Yes
Alarm methods Contact-ID via GPRS, TCP/IP, E-Mail, telefone call or SMS
Access via PC (Webbrowser), MAC (Webbrowser), Android / Apple smartphones and tablets (LUPUSEC App)
Encryption SSL / TLS 1.2 SHA-256bit with RSA-encryption
ZigBee protocol ZBS v2.
Radio frequency 868,6625 MHz (Dual Way) and 2.4GHz (Dual Way)
Radio performance RF: max. 25mW (14dBm)
ZigBee: max. 100mW (20dBm)
Transmission range Approx. 30 to 100m (32 to 109 yards) depending on the local conditions, expandable via repeater
Modulation FM
Mounting options Wall, table
Power supply 1600 mAh Ni-mh rechargeable battery, 12V DC
Capacity of the rechargeable battery Powers the alarm panel for max. 16 hours
Working environment -10 to +45°C
14F - 113F
Max. humidity Up tp 90% (non condensing)
External connectors 2 x inputs (3~5V DC, 10-20K Ω impedance) 1 x output (dry contact, 3A @ 24V DC + 1A @ 30V DC)
Functions Arm, disarm, 2 areas, home modes 1+2+3, silent alarm, fire alarm, medical alarm, CO alarm, check panel status, alarm signalling
Available accessories We offer more than 30 accessories and more than 20 smart home modules for various uses
Languages (web browser - not app) German, French, English, Spanish, Italian
Internal siren Yes, 99dB
Remote access Via PC (Webbrowser), MacOS (Webbrowser), iPhone (LUPUSEC App), Android (LUPUSEC App)
Sim card format Mini-SIM4G Modul
Policy compliance CE, FCC, RoHs, EN 50131-1 Grad 2
Guaranteed software updates (in accordance with VDP) For six years after date of sale
KfW eligible (only in Germany) Yes


LUPUSEC XT4 alarm panel Wall mount
Screws and dowels Manual
Unbenanntes Dokument
Datenblatt - LUPUS XT4 Zentrale
597 KB
Datenblatt - LUPUS XT4 Zentrale
Konformitätserklärung - LUPUS XT4 Zentrale
265 KB
Konformitätserklärung - LUPUS XT4 Zentrale
Manual Smarthome Alarm Systems
14.4 MB
User manual german version 1.17
Software - Lupus IP Finder für Windows
5.2 MB
IP Kamera Finder zum Suchen, Einrichten und Updaten der Lupusnet HD Kameras, Rekorder + LUPUSEC Alarmzentralen Version 1.0.13
Software - Lupus IP Finder für Mac OS
235 KB
IP Kamera Finder zum Suchen und Einrichten der Lupusnet HD Kameras, Rekorder + LUPUSEC Alarmzentralen Version 1.3
Firmware - LUPUS XT MAX CPU (Neuste Version)
12.59 MB
XT1+/XT2+ (latest hardware version with MAX CPU) and XT4 firmware HPGW-MAX2 (multilingual). Please always delete the browser cache after the update
Firmware - LUPUS XT4 Sensorensoftware
290 KB
Frequently Asked Questions

Which sensor is compatible with my XT alarm panel?

XT sensor compatibility

ProductItem No.XT1XT2XT1 Plus
XT2 Plus
XT2 with Dongle

Alarm sensors

Door contact (blanc)12002++++
PIR motion detector12003++++
Smoke detector12004++++
Water sensor12007++++
Medical emergency controller12009++++
Glass breaking sensor12011++++
PIR network camera12012++--
Panic button12015++++
Wireless repeater12016++++
Heat detector12018++++
CO detector12019++++
Sensor input12020++++
Dual way motion detector12034++++
Door contact (marron)12037++++
Door contact (anthracite)12038++++
PIR network camera V212041--++
Water sensor V212047--++
PIR network camera V312073--++
Glass breaking sensor V2 - ZB Version12103--++
Glass breaking sensor V2 - RF Version12103-+++
Vibration sensor12105-+++
Curtain motion detector12110++++
360° motion detector12111++++
Door contact V2 (white)12113++++
Door contact V2 (brown)12114++++
Door contact V2 (anthracite)12115++++
PIR motion detector V212116++++
Smoke detector V212117++++
Wireless repeater V212122++++
Emergency button12123++++
Sensor input (9 fold)12125-+++
PIR motion detector Pro12201---+
Outdoor motion detector Pro12202---+
Door contact Pro (blanc)12203---+
Hidden Door contact Pro (white)12204---+
Wireless Repeater Pro12205---+

Smarthome / Home automation

Wireless power supply device12010+---
Temperature sensor12013++--
Wireless relay12014++++
Temperature sensor with display12021-+--
Wireless power supply device with power meter12022++--
Relay with power meter12023++--
Lockswitch contact12026++++
Relay with dimmer V212030--++
Shutter relay12031--++
Magnetic lock12035++++
Mechanical lock12036++++
Light switch12046--++
Temperature sensor V212048--++
Temperature sensor with display V212049--++
Remote controlled mains socket with power meter and Zigbee repeater12050--++
Relay with power meter V212051--++
12/24V relay12052--++
Radiator valve thermostat12053--++
Scenario switch12061--++
Universal IR controller12062--++
Top-Hot relay DIN212063--++
Top-Hat relay DIN312064--++
Light sensor12065--++
Electric meter12071--++
Light switch V212072--++
Status display12101--++
Scenario switch V212102--++
Wireless power device for XT112104+---
Temperature sensor with external probe12124--++
1 channel relay with ZigBee repeater12126--++
2 channel relay with ZigBee Repeater12127--++
Shutter relay V212128--++
Radiator valve thermostat V212130--++
Relay with power Relay with power meter V312131--++
Relais with dimmer V312132--++
Smart Plug12133--++
Small ZigBee temperature sensor12134--++

Control unit

XT Keypad12001++++
Remote control12008++++
Tag reader12028++++
Outdoor Keypad12070+/-(please note FAQ)+++
Keypad V212106-+++
Tag Reader V212107-+++
Remote control V212108-+++
Outdoor Keypad V212109-+++
Remotecontroller V312118-+++


Indoor siren12005++++
Mini indoor siren (eol)12032 (eol)-+--
Small indoor siren V212032--++
Outdoor siren V212033+/-(please note FAQ)+++
last updated - 03/06/2024

Which functions of my camera can be controlled by my XT alarm panel?

Funktionsübersicht XT1 Plus, XT2 (Plus), XT3, XT4 mit unseren verschiedenen Kameramodellen
KameramodellBewegungserkennung an / ausE-Mailversand an/ausDaueraufnahme starten / stoppenSteuerbare Kamera kontrollieren:
PTZ Tour starten / stoppen
PTZ Postion anfahren
Flutlicht einschalten
Audiodatei abspielen
Kamerasirene auslösen
Intelligente Bewegungserkennung an / ausNutzerbar als Bedingung für Hausaution:
Bei Erkennung eines Menschen
Bei Erkennung eines Fahrzeugs
202JaJaJaNein NeinNeinNein
203JaJaJaJa NeinNeinNein
221JaJaJaNeinNeinJa (V1)Nein
224JaJaJaNeinNeinJa (V1)Nein
228JaJaJaNeinNeinJa (V1)Nein
last updated - 01/20/2022

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