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Batterie Alkali Mono (D)
Batterie Alkali Mono (D)
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Batterie Alkali Mono (D)

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Es werden vier Batterien pro Sirene benötigt.

Technische Daten:

Fabrikat Varta, 4120
Technologie Alkali-Mangan
Bauform Mono (D), LR20
Spannung 1.5V
Kapazität 15800 mAh
Länge 61,5mm
Durchmesser 34,2mm
Lieferumfang 2 Stück
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Which batteries do I need?

We update this list as regular as possible. However, especially older sensors might use other batteries than the one's listed here.
Please check the batteries that are currently inserted in your sensor to make sure, that you buy the correct battery!

If your sensor has a 3V 1/2 AA battery, you can also use a 3v CR2 battery.

3V CR123

ProductItem.-No.Older versionsLatest version

Alarm sensors

Door contact (white)120023V 1/2 AA - various batteries3V CR2
PIR motion detector12003 Various batteries (3,6V AA / 3V AA / 1,5V AA)3V CR123
Smoke detector120044x 1,5V AAA
Water sensor120074x 1,5V AAA
Glass breaking sensor120113,6V 1/2 AA
PIR network camera12012Various batteries (2x3V AA / 2x1,5V AA)2x1,5V AA
Panic Button120153V CR2032
Heat detector120183x1,5V AA
CO detector120193x1,5V AA
Sensor input120203,6V 1/2 AA
Dual way motion detector120343V CR123A
Door contact (brown)120373V 1/2AA - various batteries3V CR2
Door contact (anthracite)120383V 1/2AA - various batteries3V CR2
PIR network camera V2120412x1,5V AA
Water sensor V2120473V CR123A
PIR network camera V3120732x 1,5V AA3x 3V CR123
Glass breaking sensor V2121033V CR123

Vibration sensor
121051x CR2477

Curtain motion detector
121103V CR123
360° motion detector121111x 3V CR123
Door contact V2 (white)121133V CR123
Door contact V2 (brown)121143V CR123A
Door contact V2 (anthracite)121153V CR123A
PIR motion detector V2121163V CR123
Smoke detector V2121173x1,5V AA
Emergency button121233V CR123A
PIR motion detector pro122011x 3V CR123
Outdoor motion detector pro102021x 3V CR123
Door contact pro (blanc)122031x 3V CR123

Smarthome / Home automation

Temperature sensor120133V 1/2 AA - various batteries3V CR2
Temperature sensor with display120213x1,5V AAA
Temperature sensor V2120483V 1/2 AA / 3V CR2 - various batteries3V CR123A
Temperature sensor with display V2120493x1,5V AAA
Radiator valve thermostat120532x1,5V AA
Scenario switch120612x1,5V AAA
Universal IR controller120622x1,5V AA
Light sensor120653V CR123A
Electric meter120712 x 1,5V AA
Status display121013V 123CR
Scenario switch V2121022x 3V AA
Temperature sensor with external probe12124CR123
Radiator valve thermostat V2121302x1,5V AA
Small ZigBee Temperatursensor12130CR 2032

Control unit

XT Keypad120013V 1/2 AA / 3V CR2 - various batteries1x CR 123A
Remote control120083V CR2032
Tag reader120283x 1,5V AAA
Outdoor keypad12070 2x1,5V AA
XT Keypad V212106 1x CR 123A
Tag reader V2121073x 1,5V AAA
Remote control V2121081x 3v CR2032
Outdoor keypad V212109 2x 1,5V AA
Remote control V312118 1x 3V CR 2032


Indoor siren120054x1,5V D
Outdoor siren V212033 4x1,5V D


Mobilfunk-Bewegungsmelder140011x 3V CR123
Mobilfunk Temperatur- und Feuchtigkeitssensor14002 1x 3V CR123
last updated - 21/09/2023

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